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#1 : 10/06-10 04:48
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How do you add incremental numbers to multiple files without changing the original file name?

10/06-10 04:48
#2 : 10/06-10 08:13
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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There are to ways to do this. The following two ways will add an incrementing number to the start of the file name.

1. The Add method
Type <Inc Nr:1> to the text box and set the index to 1.
For more information, see hp?ident=method_add&lang=1033&co llection=1

2. The New Name method
In the text box type <Inc Nr:1><Name>.<Ext>
For more information, see hp?ident=method_newname&lang=1033&am p;collection=1

10/06-10 08:13