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#1 : 18/10-23 23:45
Udo Behm
Udo Behm
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Good day,

I’m trying to select the last word of a file and move it to the beginning of a file with the help of the move method.

When inserting <Word:1> into move count, checking backwards and make the move to counter as high as possible, nothing happens.

How can I make Advanced Renamer determine the last word and make it moving it to the front of the file name?

Thanks for your help!

18/10-23 23:45
#2 : 11/11-23 20:41
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Reply to #1:
Sorry for the late reply. You probably already solved the problem.

Using regular expressions in Replace you can do what you want.

Text to replace: (.*?)(?:\s*(\w+))$
Replaced with: \2 \1
Occurrence: All
Check Use regular expressions
Apply to: Name

11/11-23 20:41