Exif-Tool error by adding several folders

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#1 : 29/10-23 22:36
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When adding several folders (<10), I always get an Exif Tool error. If I stick to the 10 folders or add the files (photo files) via Add Files, it works. But if I add a whole year 2023 with about 98 subfolders, I always get an Exif tool error and the renaming 'new name' does not work. Version 3.91...
Thx Arno

29/10-23 22:36
#2 : 17/11-23 09:39
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I can be because it takes too long to retrieve data about the files. Working with many files doesn't always scale well. If the files are located on an external drive it will severely impact performance.

17/11-23 09:39