Add individual name when filename shows certain numbers

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#1 : 02/11-23 14:38
Paul Messerschmidt
Paul Messerschmidt
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I´m searching desperatly for a script, to add an individual name ahead of the filename, if this filename begins with a certain number, f.e.

0000-this-is-my-file.pdf >> Peter_0000-this-is-my-file.pdf
1111-just-another.pdf >> Michael_1111-just-another.pdf

Each 4-letter-number should be defined to a certain name.

Is this possible in Advanced Renamer?
I couldn`t find a hint in the forum posts.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards

02/11-23 14:38
#2 : 02/11-23 23:27
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Use the List Replace method and add the replacement for each number. Save the list method for future use.

02/11-23 23:27
#3 : 04/11-23 06:28
Paul Messerschmidt
Paul Messerschmidt
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This works fine, thank you very much! :-)

04/11-23 06:28