Pattern dialog in "Add" method, please

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#1 : 10/11-23 02:53
Roberto Teixeira
Roberto Teixeira
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Need to rename many instagram pics. they're saved with a prename sometimes, i.e:

"giselesuperacao.mae_39_.jpg" → "insta - tiago camilo jiu (tagged @giselesuperacao.mae).jpg"

To add "insta", "face", "twitter" at the begining, I've made a pattern list in "New Name" Method, where you can click the "..." button and the Pattern Dialog will appear, but that blocks me from
picking parts of the original name, by using <Word:1> (indexed word of the filename),
in "Add" method.

Is there a way to create this pattern list in "Add" method? this method would work for my entire list of students, in the case of renaming all of their homework, tests ect, by adding their names ...

Thanks in advance.

10/11-23 02:53
#2 : 19/11-23 20:30
Roberto Teixeira
Roberto Teixeira
Posts: 4
Reply to #1:

I've found myself what I needed to solve the situation.

19/11-23 20:30