Remove all characters after file extension

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#1 : 11/08-13 15:51
Matt Hill
Matt Hill
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I am using the Broadcatching feature on a Zyxel NSA325.

Some podcast feeds (rss) work fine, however others come down with additional characters after the file extension



I'd like to remove all characters after the file extension .mp3


11/08-13 15:51
#2 : 12/08-13 08:01
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Are you sure the files work? The extra characters is sometimes a result of the file not being finished downloading. But if you want to remove the extra characters, try to do like this:

Add the Remove Pattern method and configure it like this:
Pattern: _.*
Use regular expressions: Checked
Apply to: Externsion

I hope this works for you.

12/08-13 08:01