Rename to Date taken... not quite.

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#1 : 24/08-13 16:19
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Hi all,
I was trying to rename a file to dat taken but found one of the files not being rename correctly.

Looked around and seems I'm using the correct tags <Img Year><Img Month><Img Day> but the file is being renamed to last modified date. It is a file resized but I can see the tags are correct.

In the software it shows incorrect date taken.

Found the problem in 3.54 but updated to latest 3.59 and still get this.

Using windows 7 64bit.

There's a screenshot here: 09081

24/08-13 16:19
#2 : 24/08-13 19:29
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Reply to #1:

Looked a bit more into it and it seems the "Date Taken" is actually being read from <ExifTool:ModifyDate> and not <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>


24/08-13 19:29