How to apply numbering to a subset of files that matches regex?

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#1 : 27/01-24 05:10
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For example, there are many files, I want to rename a subset of these files that matches a certain regex.
It's hard to select the subset of files manually and drag them into Advanced Renamer, but it is easy to do with regex in Advanced Renamer.
Now, with the Replace method, using regex, I see that some files are grayed out because they didn't match the regex. I think they will not be renamed.
However, when I use increment numbering, those grayed-out files are also counted.
How can I make it only count the files that will be renamed?
Alternatively, how can I easily remove those files that won't be renamed, without selecting them manually?

27/01-24 05:10
#2 : 27/02-24 03:04
Delta Foxtrot
Delta Foxtrot
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Hi James,

Without knowing more about the filename pattern I can't tell you, except that what you want to do is unmark the grayed files (that gray just means they don't match with anything currently active in your method list; as soon as you add/activate a method that does match they are no longer gray). If you right-click on the file list and mouse-hover over Mark you'll see that you can unmark or mark by pattern in the lower part of the submenu. All you have to do is determine what pattern matches either your target files or your non-target files and take the appropriate action.

Good luck,

27/02-24 03:04