Rename 2nd level folders that contain no files, only sub folders

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#1 : 27/01-24 13:07
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I hope I explain clearly, I have a book collection set up like this

Author/NameOfSeries/01 Title(files)
Author/NameOfSeries/02 Title(files)

I want to add ' Series' to some, not all, 2nd level folders to get

Author/NameOfSeries Series/01 Title(files)
Author/NameOfSeries Series/02 Title(files)

So I want to bulk rename only the 2nd level folders that contain sub folders, and not rename the 2nd level folders that contain files (and have no sub folders).
Does Advanced Renamer recognise content, if there are only files or if there are only sub folders?

I can try to explain further if this doesn't make sense.

Thank you.

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#2 : 27/02-24 03:38
Delta Foxtrot
Delta Foxtrot
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Hi Mary,

I'm not really clear on your goals, or your file structure. All I can do is tell you that the tags
<Num Files:x>
<Num Dirs:x>
are the only content-aware mechanisms with which I'm familiar. (But what I don't know can probably fill your library :)

I'm not sure how you could use these tags, but maybe use the Num Files tag to mark the target folders, then use pattern matching to unmark all non-zero folders.

If you want to pursue this maybe you could give me a better idea of the folder structure. You might also think about excluding the non-target folders in some way in your operating system, before bringing them into Advanced Renamer(?)

Anyway, hope I've at least given you something to think about...

27/02-24 03:38
#3 : 27/02-24 06:43
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Try to use the Replace method:

Text to be replaced: /0
Replace with: Series/0

27/02-24 06:43