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#1 : 30/01-24 06:02
Paul C
Paul C
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I'd like to be able to include the numbe/arrangement of audio channels in a video file, in the same vein as the <Video Audio Codec> tag. I'm thinking in the common syle of: 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.

If I'm sorting through recordings I've made with my DVR, I usually prefer to keep a copy that's 720p with 5.1 audio over one that's 1080i with 2.0 audio.

Thus it's valuable to me to be able to include that information in the filename, as I'm sorting through duplicates.

30/01-24 06:02
#2 : 30/01-24 10:52
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Try to use this tag: <ExifTool:AudioChannels>
It works for many video formats.

30/01-24 10:52
#3 : 30/01-24 20:29
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As Styb said you can use the tag<ExifTool:AudioChannels> and then use the List Replace Option with something like this:
Text to be replace: 6 Replace with: 5.1
Text to be replaced: 2 Replace with: 2.0
Text to replaced: 8 Replace with: 7.1
You will get something like this:

https://i.ibb.co/P5nps0T/Captura-30-01-2024-24s. png

You can save this as a new method for future use.
The parentheses are optional.

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