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#1 : 01/02-24 07:51
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Could the program use a more modern file picker in the next update? The windows explorer in Windows 10 and 11 you could copy and paste the path on the Navigation Pane, makes reaching the file much easier.

Also, it seems that we can't drag and drop files to the files window. Or can we?

Thank you

01/02-24 07:51
#2 : 01/02-24 08:28
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I think it uses the most modern one. I can't see a difference from the one Windows itself is using. What version of Advanced Renamer are you using?

Drag and drop works well. But I have seen examples of the program loses the ability after a Windows settings change. A quick program restart fixes the issue.

01/02-24 08:28