Renaming Folders and Sub Folders with special Characters - Errors

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#1 : 24/09-13 17:16
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I have folders and sub folders that have special characters that require them to be removed from the name. I did a test run and the program fails to rename them

The Test set up with result - These are folder names

1(1 - renamed with no issues
1(1\2)2 - rename fail
1(1\2@2\3) - rename fail

Can you please let me know how can I address this with out going through each folder manually. I have hundreds of folders that need to renamed

Thank you

24/09-13 17:16
#2 : 26/09-13 08:44
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
What kind of error do you experience?
Can you tell me more about your batch configuration?

26/09-13 08:44