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#1 : 13/10-13 04:06
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I have mp3 files like {01_abdc.mp3 ; 02_sabbath.mp3} and {01-abdc.mp3 ; 04-pork.mp3} and { ;}

whatever, my question is simple: how can I substitute these - . _ characters only after numbers, to change it to a space ( )?
I tried "\d-" ---> "\d " but was not able to match the number.


13/10-13 04:06
#2 : 14/10-13 07:43
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Use the replace method and configure it like this:

Text to be replaced: (\d+)[-._]
Replace with: \1
Use regular expressions: Checked
Apply to: Name

Remembet there is a blank space after \1. I think this will work for you.

14/10-13 07:43
#3 : 16/10-13 01:47
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OMG, You are such an wizard! That really helps a lot and a lot.
I triend to extend it to space-separated characters ( - ) but i could not, i mean, that's not a problem anymore i just insert a new Replace with that (and so that is no big trouble).

Thanks again!

16/10-13 01:47