Name Collision

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#1 : 22/11-13 01:44
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I would like to use the Name Collision feature to copy files from diverse directories based on exif data. If the name exists, I choose Append incrementing number. Unfortunately, the "file already exists" errror continues. I don't quite understand this function. For example, I am using the original file name, but copying the file to a new directory based on the <Img Year><Img Month><Img Day>. So, if i have the same image that I copied into multiple directories, they will eventually end up in one directory with IMGXXX_01.JPG, IMGXXX_02.JPG etc. Eventually, i would ask Advanced Renamer to Fail, because I don't want these duplicates. However, I just get the error!

Any thoughts?

22/11-13 01:44
#2 : 02/12-13 18:47
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Can anyone help to explain the name collision issue ?

02/12-13 18:47