Rename photos/video using part of the original file name

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#1 : 06/12-13 20:50
Ivan Jensen
Ivan Jensen
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This seems to be an excellent tool!
But as a newbie I need some help.
I have looked in the help and the most recent posts in the forum, but without any luck!

Original filename1:
Original filename2:
Original filename3:

Desired filename1:
2012-12-31 (1234) - Activity.jpg
Desired filename2:
2012-12-31 (5678) -
Desired filename2:
2012-12-31 (9012) - Activity.JPG

I would think that in pseudo code, it could look something like this:
Original1 & 2:
2012-12-31 (<number>) - Activity.<Ext>

For original 1 and 2 I think I could use something like this:
2012-12-31 (<Word:2>) - Activity.<Ext> (if I make sure that underscore is one of the separation characters).
But how can I make it work on original 3? (chosing "1" as a separation character is not a good idea, I think!).

I hope someone can help.

Best regards.

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#2 : 07/12-13 15:51
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
If the number you want to reuse is always the last 4 characters you can use the RSubStr tag to extract those last 4 characters. You can use the New Name method and use this new name pattern:
2012-12-31 (<rsubstr:1:4>) - Activity

Remember to set Apply To to Name. That way you don't need to handle the extension.

I hope this helps you in the right direction.

07/12-13 15:51
#3 : 13/12-13 22:12
Ivan Jensen
Ivan Jensen
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Reply to #2:
Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

13/12-13 22:12