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#1 : 19/01-14 03:44
Radford hound
Radford hound
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Well, hi all.

The other day I ran into a crisis! Windows randomly renamed a ton of songs from (tracknumber) Track (tracknumber).wma to (tracknumber) (track title).wma. So, for example, Eye of the Tiger went from "01 Track 1.wma" to "01 Eye Of the Tiger.wma".

This is actually a good thing because it organized them for me. However, I has these songs imported into Winamp. Literally thousands of songs! Since Windows renamed them, Winamp will no longer load them for me.

So, I downloaded this program to help me rename all the songs at once, because as it was literally 5,000+ songs, and I can't possibly rename them all manually.

Well, I ran into a problem. See, every song has ID3 info associated with it, but they're in wma format.

Basically, when I tried to use the "replace" modifier to replace "<ID3 Title>" with " track" on a random song as a test, it worked successfully and renamed the song from "01 Eye of the tiger.wma" to "01 track". Now I just needed to tell advanced renamer to add the track number tag at the end of the file name in addition to what it was already doing.

So, I told it to replace "<ID3 Title>" with "Track <ID3 Track>".

Unfortunately, this didn't work as advanced renamer didn't detect any id3 info on the wma files.

Well, ExifTool seemed to detect the info just fine. So I used <ExifTool:TrackNumber> instead of <ID3 Track>. Yay! It worked perfectly! On one song.

So, here's my problem. When I tried to convert the whole song folder, it correctly renamed one song out of all of them. I clicked on a song that didn't work in the list and clicked the "ExifTool" button. Here's the weird part. The "Track Number" property was detected on this song just fine by ExifTool! But it wouldn't appear in the renamed file.

I ran the batch file again and it was the same story, except this time the song I clicked on that didn't work and the other one were the only songs that did work.

So it seems if I select a song in advanced renamer and click "ExifTool", then export it, it works fine! But if I don't click that button on every song before exporting, then only the songs I did view through ExifTool come out. :(

Why is it doing this? And is there any way I can get the track number from these wma files?

Thanks in advance. :)

19/01-14 03:44