Is is possible to create new folders with a specific name or only rename existing folders?

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#1 : 16/04-14 12:00
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Im not sure but i can't find a way to create new folders with AdvancedRenamer?

For example: creating in every subfolder a new folder with a specific name.
Without this feature I must first create in every subfolder a new folder and second I can use AdvancedRenamer to give them a new name.

I don't need this function at this time but i think that could be useful.

Maybe a good idea for the next version of advanced renamer? ;-)

Or is this feature already availably?

Greetings from germany.

16/04-14 12:00
#2 : 22/04-14 21:20
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
This is not something Advanced Renamer can do. I don't think this feature is suited for this program. Sometimes I need to focus the program in one direction and not put in too much functionality.

22/04-14 21:20