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#1 : 16/04-14 15:58
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Just stumbled across your software - all I can say is wow.. I use to need 2~3 apps to get only some of what this can do!

However I think I might have found something not even this can do!!!

I take pictures in RAW format with my camera and save as a JPG too.

The JPEG has exif information that I use to rename as YYMMDD_HHMM_ORIGNAME i.e.


However, the RAW does not contain the exif information but arrives with the same name as the JPG just named ORIGNAME.RAW and ORIGNAME.JPG.

What I want to do is rename the matching RAW with the same name (not extension) as the jpg.





can this be done?

16/04-14 15:58
#2 : 22/04-14 21:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I get similar requests from time to time but I have not yet found an elegant way to handle this problem. I acknowledge the need for this, but I am not able to solve it in an easy way with Advanced Renamer.

22/04-14 21:23
#3 : 07/07-14 20:43
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The feature I suggested in my reply to the "Renaming subtitles" thread would help this guy out. um_id=1759

It appears that his files are arranged so that an alphabetical list of the JPEG files would be in the same sort order as an alphabetical list of the RAW files. That might not be the case if he added exif information to the start of his JPEG filenames.

If he could populate the List Method with new filenames, he could load his JPEG files first, use appropriate methods to create new filenames, and use the List Method to save those filenames. He could clear or deactivate the other methods, execute the List method on the JPEG files, load the RAW files, and then execute the same List on them.

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#4 : 28/05-16 16:06
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Still no solutions to give a similar name for twins files? (RAW+JPG)

28/05-16 16:06
#5 : 28/05-16 21:28
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I found a partial solution:
Don't use any <Inc Nr:1> counting method.
In this case the new names enter in collisions, well.
Now go on the right panel and at the "Name collision rule:" select: "Append incrementing number".
Use the separator that you want.
Now The JPEG and the RAW companion are renamed with the same name.
Just remain a problem, this counting always begin by 001. Is not possible to select the number of start.

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#6 : 03/10-16 14:42
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Still no solutions to give a similar name for twins files? (RAW+JPG) with the possibility to select the number of start. ???

03/10-16 14:42
#7 : 03/10-16 18:33
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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You should try my script that does a lookaround in the filelist for an exif datetimeoriginal:

if, for instance, you have a jpg with a datetimeoriginal and a raw file with exact same filename (except extension), the script will "steal" the datetimeoriginal from the jpg and use it also on the raw file.

It wasn't coded for your particular problem, so it might not work, but I would definitely give it a shot and see what happens.

Could probably be tweaked fairly easily if it's not exactly what you want

mail me a if you want a faster way to interact, the forum doesn't tell me when someone reply to a topic


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#8 : 03/10-16 18:54
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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you need to paste the code into a script method in AR, and put the method option "apply to" to name and extension for the script to work..

03/10-16 18:54
#9 : 11/10-16 15:53
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Script that rename images or other kind of files with DateTimeOriginal in groups (only one file need the datetimeoriginal, the other files with same name but different extention will use the same DTO)

Also, there is a incrementing number following the groups

there is a bunch of options changeable at the start of the script


11/10-16 15:53