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#1 : 26/04-14 03:01
Russell Paine
Russell Paine
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Can anyone let me know how to get the file list to sort by date taken rather than file name so that I can get my file list to rename using sequential numbering? If I try to select the date taken field I get an error message "Invalid floating point operation".

26/04-14 03:01
#2 : 30/04-14 22:02
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>>"Invalid floating point operation".

Confirmed with fresh 3.64.
This works with my older 3.56

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I would had said, use this work around:

** add your files

** add method "new name"
** write <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>

** click at the header of the NewFilename column to sort by DateTimeOriginal

** remove the above added methods, the Filename column should still be sort as wanted
** add you wanted method

but unfortunately, the NewFilename column is not sortable at all?


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30/04-14 22:02
#3 : 27/12-14 15:05
Peter Miller
Peter Miller
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I got the same error message 'invalid floating point operation' (whatever that means) when trying to sort with the 'Date Taken' field. Why is it not possible to sort with the 'Date Taken' field? Apparently many people would like to have this fixed.

27/12-14 15:05
#4 : 24/09-15 04:47
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I also have the invalid floating point operation problem when trying to sort files by date taken. I found this thread through a google search, was this ever solved??

24/09-15 04:47