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#1 : 05/06-14 14:42
Gina Donovan
Gina Donovan
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Is there a way to open renamed images folder and export each renamed image name into an excel file column.

I renamed thousands of images and need to compare to existing image names in excel that were not included in the renaming.

05/06-14 14:42
#2 : 25/06-14 22:08
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for but here's an old school solution. (I'm assuming you're using Windows 7 or similar)

Hit Start button
Type "Command" into the box and hit Enter (You'll get an old dos command window)
Change to the folder containing your renamed images with the CD comannd
Once you are in the folder type:

DIR /B > renimages.csv

Type "Exit"

You can now load renimages.CSV in Excel by just finding it and double clicking on it to open.

Once in Excel you'll want to do a "Save As" with filetype "Excel Worksheet" so that you'll have a spreadsheet and not a text file to work from.

Hope this helps.


25/06-14 22:08 - edited 25/06-14 22:09