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#1 : 27/07-14 18:23
Tom Isacson
Tom Isacson
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I have files which contain the date in the filename. I would like to use the timestamp feature to set the date from the filename pattern but set the time to midnight 00:00:01 a.m. since the actual time is not known.

I currently am doing this by adding "00h00m01s-" to the beginning of the filename, then using the timestamp command, then removing "00h00m01s-" from the filename.

Is there a more direct method to specify a specific time only when using the datestamp feature?

27/07-14 18:23
#2 : 15/08-14 12:35
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I am not sure if it is help, but for the time, I would use Attribute Changer http://www.petges.lu/home/
a. first use AC to set all times to 00:00:01


then use Advanced Renamer to set the date

this is just an example, maybe it helps to find a way.

Good luck.

15/08-14 12:35