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#1 : 31/07-14 08:17
Sina Sobhi
Sina Sobhi
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I built the following "command" via command line configuration:

C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer>"C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\arenc.exe"
-t files -p "C:\Move" -m move -d "C:\Move\<substr:1:4>"

However, I am returned with the following error:

No method list file

I am able to use GUI as expected.. However, running it via command line seems problematic.

Please help. Thanks.

31/07-14 08:17
#2 : 31/07-14 08:36
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Reply to #1:
""No method list file""


Maybe the help will aid you: ndline

>>>>>arenc.exe -t files -p "C:\Move" -m move -d "C:\Move\<substr:1:4>"
It seems, -d is <destination folder> "only" (no rename rules here)

For your rules you will need a -e <method list file> too.

See the example there:
Example: arenc -e batch.aren -p "c:\temp"

Such *.aren method list files you can create beforehand with the AdvancedRenamer GUI Version.


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