Foreign characters in path &/or name 'Not Found' during list rename

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#1 : 07/09-14 15:12
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I like my foreign characters (e.g., Spanish upside down question marks) in file names and do not want to replace them with _ or U.S. equivalents.
During list rename they are skipped with the error message: # items were not found... I'm not even given the chance to copy the error message into a text file for manual processing.
I would attach a screen shot, but ...
I'm a novice (1-day old) user, so please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious.


More info than you may want ... I sought out Advanced Rename in an attempt to get around this problem with Windows Batch (.bat) renaming. It may have something to do with batch limitations or CHCP active code pages???

07/09-14 15:12
#2 : 08/09-14 15:07
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Reply to #1:
I may have found a 'fix' but it needs to be implemented within the AdvancedRenamer code.

Automatically add the windows DOS command chcp 1250 before processing the list.

I'll await a fix. In the meantime I'm going back to batch processing of my listings.


08/09-14 15:07