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#1 : 16/09-14 09:43
John Palmer
John Palmer
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I'm trying to find a way of renaming a large number (2,000+) of ebook files which have the author's name first, to have the book title first, but also to reorder the author's name. For example:

Original name: Adams, Douglas - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fishes.epub

Required name: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fishes - Douglas Adams.epub

Or, where the author's name is several words, or there's more than one author. For example:

Original name: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Treasure Island.epub

Required name: Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson.epub

Is there a simple way of doing this, even though it might require a couple of intermediate steps, or will it require a custom-written script (of which I have zero knowledge)?

Help would be much appreciated.

16/09-14 09:43
#2 : 16/09-14 18:29
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Reply to #1:
You have to find a common rule for all files: "where is the point to swap"?

For example swap always at the first found hyphen.
Or separate your files into several groups with different rules.

Next, try to use a tool like the "Swap method" (http://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/metho d_swap)


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16/09-14 18:29