Trouble for users of european cameras that put DMY Dates in EXIF

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#1 : 06/11-10 03:38
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well first of all, thanks for the great software, I like it better than others I've tried. It sure takes a lot less study to get the file name results you want.

If you're using a European camera, do NOT work on your original files.

As far as I can tell, if your EXIF "date taken" info contains European format dates DMY, instead of MDY, AdvancedRenamer is going to take Days for Months.

As a result, it not only fails to rename any date with Days higher than 12, it has also deleted the presumed invalid "Date Taken" out of my EXIF files.

Since I had set my phone to English language, I wasn't aware that the camera would still use the European date format.

Does anyone know know a way to fill the removed "date taken" info from the file attributes "last modified" ?

Can AdvancedRenamer be set to deal with European DMY date notation? I could not find anything regarding that in the help file.

Can AdvancedRenamer rename files using the "last modified" file attribute instead of EXIF dates?

06/11-10 03:38
#2 : 07/11-10 19:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I live in a European country which use DMY as the default language format and I have used European pictures to develop and test this feature.
All the pictures I have found is in this format: 2009:12:14 11:58:30 which is YYYY:MM:DD HH:NN:SS but is possible that some cameras store the date/time in a another format. Which camera/phone have you used to take the picture? Can you send me a sample picture for analysis? My e-mail address can be found by clicking the About link button in the top of this page.

Advanced Renamer does not alter the EXIF information. If you have suddenly lost the date taken value from your pictures EXIF information it is not because of Advanced Renamer. The software is only reading the value - not writing.

Yes, Advanced Renamer can use the last modified date and time for renaming. See this page for more information about the tags: hp?ident=tags_datetimemodified

07/11-10 19:41
#3 : 08/11-10 04:45
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thank you so much for the detailed response, will send the file...

and renaming by last modified date will fix my issue :)

08/11-10 04:45