How to start renumbering at 000 and not 001

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#1 : 25/11-14 16:01
Inge v G
Inge v G
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Is there a way to start the renumbering of files at 000 and not 001?
E.g. my files are now named M2-001, M2-002 etc. I would like to make them M2_000, M2_001.
Replacing the high score by a low score is no problem but I just can't figure out how to start with 000 after the under score.

Thanks in advance for a reply!

Kind regards,

25/11-14 16:01
#2 : 25/11-14 16:05
Inge v G
Inge v G
Posts: 2
Reply to #1:
No problems anymore because I already figured it out.
It's easy actually, just replace the 1 in the <Inc NrDir> by a zero!

Thanks for the easy and good software!

25/11-14 16:05