Setting Timestamp using filename pattern doesn't always work.

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#1 : 26/12-14 20:39
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I have jpg files name by date like this:

mmddyymmss.jpg or mmddyymmss-1.jpg or mmddyymmss-1a.jpg, etc

I am trying to set the date created, modified using the filename pattern:


When I add files to the batch, they do not give me any errors.

When I run the batch, the modified, created dates do not change. Even if I set to copy to a new folder, the dates do not change. All of these folders have full permissions set to everyone.

I was able to change dates on other jpgs, I am wondering if the date being in 2 characters is causing a problem? I even loaded all of the jpgs into photoshop and batch resaved them as new jpgs to make sure the files weren't corrupted somehow, but it didn't help.

26/12-14 20:39
#2 : 20/02-15 12:00
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Reply to #1:
Likely the year must be 4 digits..? datetime
All tags except <Year> have a length of two characters at all time.

20/02-15 12:00