Removing spaces before the extension?

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#1 : 29/01-15 06:16
David F.
David F.
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Can't figure out how to remove a space that is right before the extension. (i.e. "Video 1 .mkv" to "Video 1.mkv")

I know it could probably be done with a Javascript, but well, I don't know Javascript and couldn't figure out a way to do it with with the preset functions.

Is there a way that I'm just not seeing or would it only be possible with a javascript?

29/01-15 06:16
#2 : 29/01-15 08:06
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Remove space char before extension.


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No JS need but a simple RegEx:

Find: ^(.+)#$
Repl: \1

(Note: instead of an space char, I visualized it by a #-char to make it more outstanding)

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But AdvancedRenamer has also a very useful tool for such cases: d_trim

Use this method to remove unwanted spaces, dashes, and other
unwanted characters from the beginning and end of the filename.



If this tool had saved you time, perhaps you want to donate an Dollar to Kim?
See >>> [Donate] button.

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#3 : 29/01-15 08:21
David F.
David F.
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Wow I feel dumb, thought trim would just remove all spaces if I set it to trim spaces, that ones my fault for not reading the docs I guess lol.

Also need to learn more about regEx too I guess...

Thanks for the help though, much appreciated!

29/01-15 08:21