Access violation with script methode and ExifTool

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#1 : 06/02-15 00:54
David Tiede
David Tiede
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Hello, I'm using the script method to rename movies:

n = item.exifToolValue('CreateDate');
return n;

If I use these script with more than five files I get these error message:
"Access violation at address 68A6F7B5 in module 'js32.dll'. Read of address 0411F03C."

I know I can do this also with the method "New Name" but I want to add something to the script.
Info: Version 3.64

06/02-15 00:54
#2 : 12/02-15 21:01
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I don't know why you get this error. Some times you can get these errors if ExifTool takes too long to retrieve the information. You say you are using movie files, which can be heavy and slow files to extract meta information from. I don't know how many files you have in your list, but some times it helps to reduce the number of files.

12/02-15 21:01
#3 : 21/02-15 09:31
Björn Clemenson
Björn Clemenson
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Reply to #2:
I have the same problem. Tried Windows compability settings (Windows 8, Windows 7), did not work. Also running as administrator did not work.
Version 3.65
Windows 8.1

The script I am trying is this

var newDate;

if (item.imgDate) {
newDate = item.imgDate;
} else {
newDate = item.modifiedDate;
item.imgDate = item.modifiedDate;
return newDate + ' ' +;

21/02-15 09:31