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#1 : 06/02-15 22:54
Jim Considine
Jim Considine
Posts: 3
I wanted to thank you for this program. I have about 25 years of history using computers and this is one of the most useful programs that I have ever come across.
I appreciate the amount of care you have taken to instruct us without a coding background in the many facets of Advanced Renamer.
Best wishes,
Jim Considine
Baltimore, MD, USA

06/02-15 22:54
#2 : 12/02-15 20:58
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
Posts: 800
Reply to #1:
I am glad you find the program useful. It has been a part time project of mine for many years and it is fun to keep it maintained. I am glad there are so many happy users using the program.

12/02-15 20:58