Use Folder Size to rename set of folders

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#1 : 11/02-15 14:16
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz
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I found this tool surfing the web because i need to rename automatically, thousands of folders, one of the necessary settings for the new names include the size of folders, so that:
old name new name

There is a configuration tag (<Filesize>) for file sizes in Kb, Mb, Gb and Pb, but I could not find anything that allows me to read the size of the folder, for example (<FolderSize>).

My questions then are:
1- Is there any way I can get the sizes of the folders?
2- Is there any way to add configuration tags by the user and then share with the community?

thanks for this amazing tool.

11/02-15 14:16
#2 : 12/02-15 20:52
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It is only possible to use the size of files, not folders. If I were to add folder size, it would decrease performance in a very bad way.
It is not possible to create your own tags. But you can share your methods lists and script methods based on JavaScript with other users.

12/02-15 20:52
#3 : 13/02-15 14:10
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz
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I'm not sure if this will work but I will try to prove it later.

var obj = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var folder = obj.GetFolder(item.path);
return + "["+folder.Size+"]";

13/02-15 14:10
#4 : 16/02-15 20:11
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz
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This code might work, but I get an error which indicates that the ActiveXObject class is not found, is there any way in which I can use or import native javascript libraries as ActiveXObject?

16/02-15 20:11 - edited 16/02-15 20:13
#5 : 21/02-15 14:44
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In the very rare evemt...
if AdvancedRenamer can't solve it...,
there is no alternative but to look for possible other tools.
Sorry to say.

At the risk of being flamed here, but solely in order to help, you might give
FlashRenamer (rlvision) a try.
Drag and drop the folders into it, deselect 'subfolders'
select format
then <Name> [<SDirSize>]

maybe this helps?

21/02-15 14:44