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#1 : 09/03-15 06:35
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I would like to be able to change the number of presets AR retains. I have found that I can add as many as I want in the settings.ini file and they will be available when I start AR but as soon as I load one of them and then close AR the next time it has the shortened list of 10 available unless I add them back into the ini file again. I tried to make the settings.ini file read only but AR didn't like that and wouldn't load anything from the settings.ini file at all. I guess it must write something to the file when AR opens as well as when it closes.

So my question is, is there a way I could have AR retain a longer list of presets so they would be available rather than having to always browse for additional presets.

Thanks This would be a fantastic modification I'm sure for many folks that use your terrific app.

09/03-15 06:35
#2 : 27/03-15 20:07
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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In your case I will recommend saving the presets into files instead. That way you can have as many as you want and if you have many you can organize them into folders.

27/03-15 20:07
#3 : 27/03-15 22:54
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I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you mean saving groups of methods as Batch Methods ie aren files and then grouping the aren files in folders based on categories of tasks I am using the methods for?

If that is what you mean I am doing that it would just be a lot easier if I could start more of the batches I use frequently without drilling down to the batch first.

Currently what I have done is created batch files that copies the aren I want to load to methods.ini rather than some arbitrary batch loading because it happened to be the last batch to close in the last AR window I closed from my 6 screens 5 of which have AR windows open and loads the 25 Batches I am most likely to use into the settings.ini file for all 5 instances which works great unfortunately as soon as I load one of the batches in the list and the list of presets updates with the most recent method I have chosen at the top of the list it truncates the list of 25 methods I initially have access to down to 10.

Is there a way to stop AR from updating the list of presets? I tried making settings.ini file read only but AR didn't like that. smile. Is there some other way I could do that?


27/03-15 22:54