Rename directory content according to other directory's content

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#1 : 30/11-10 09:37
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I'd like to do the following thing: I have one directory with 600 files of 12 letters length and want to give their names to 600 files in another directory.
Is that even possible?

Thank you


30/11-10 09:37
#2 : 07/12-10 19:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Yes, it is possible.
You have two groups of files. Group A is group containing the files with the names you want to give to the files in group B.
1. Add the files of group A to the list.
2. Clear all methods.
3. Add the List method.
4. On the List method pane click the button Populate List. The edit field will contain all the files from the list.
5. Remove the files from the list.
6. Add the files from group B to the list.
7. Hit Start Batch.

Hope this works for you.

07/12-10 19:35