Error renaming photos with ExifTool

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#1 : 02/04-15 09:20
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I have a batch of photos (~1700) i'd like to rename using:


If i add all photos at once, after the program parses them, but fails to preview the name. This is how it looks:
After this, if i select any photo that failed and press the "ExifTool..." button, there is no data to show:

If i start from scratch but add a smaller number of photos 20-30, it works, and renames them using the tag, no errors given...

Any ideea?

02/04-15 09:20
#2 : 07/04-15 22:52
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
The integration between Advanced Renamer and ExifTool is not 100% good. When using a lot of files it will often fail. Sometimes it helps to reopen Advanced Renamer and try again. It is silly but I have not yet found a perfect solution.

07/04-15 22:52