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#1 : 10/04-15 18:27
Kirstie Lynch
Kirstie Lynch
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I need to figure out how to accomplish this typical sequence:

11000 - Sht 01- REC
11999 - Sht 02- REC
11998 - Sht 03- REC
11997 - Sht 04- REC
11996 - Sht 05- REC
11995 - Sht 06- REC

so basically I need the first 5-6 digits to be descending and then Sht <ascending> -REC

Or can i do it in two separate batches with the first one being the descending to get them in order and the keep the ORIGINAL NAMES and then adding the additional sequence the end?

would also like to know how to save this preset as i use it often.

Thank you!!!

10/04-15 18:27
#2 : 05/05-15 17:46
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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Reply to #1:

Two methods in the same preset will do the job:

"New Name" method
<Inc NrDir:12000:-1>
Apply to Name

"Add" method
- Sht <Inc Nr:01:1> - REC
At index: 0
Check the "Backwards" option
Appy to: Name

To save the preset, click the disk ("save") symbol to the left of the Presets: pull-down list.

Sailor Guy

05/05-15 17:46 - edited 05/05-15 17:59