Rename selected files only (out of a list)

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#1 : 10/01-11 18:54
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Up front, I am a first time user of Advanced Renamer. Right now I am in the 'process' of comparing renamers.

Advanced Renamer looks very nice and is quite userfriendly.

I have one question: say I drag a number of files over to Advanced Renamer as a kind of list of files to be renamed. However, then I want to selectively rename files, i.e. ctrl-select a number of files, rename them this way, ctrl-select another number files, rename them that way, etc.

This way I can start out with a big number of files, rather than to drag/drop small number of files each time.

Also, if I want all the files to have a kind of similar name, the ones that have already been renamed, are still in front of me (as an example) so I know how the next set should look like.

Is this possible?

one loads 20 files at once
files are named
file1, file2, file3.... file19,file20

I would like to remove 1,2,3 only (1 character, pos 5)
for files 1-9 and other files 2 chars at pos5.

For this I would then cntrl select files 1 -9 apply action then files 10-20 apply another action.


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#2 : 12/01-11 21:42
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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There has previous been a request to only rename the selected items in the list. I am still thinking about this idea and I might implement it in a future release.

12/01-11 21:42
#3 : 13/01-11 12:49
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Thanks a lot! It would really be helpful!

13/01-11 12:49