Feature Request: drag drop folders - show files in folders

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#1 : 27/01-11 18:17
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When I drag and drop a few folders, I get an error:
... items were not found.

Feature request to

a) allow drag and drop folders into the Rename Panel

b) add three -new- buttons
1) [Show Folders] default
2) [Show folders and files]
3) [Show files]

c) In the 'Show Folders'-view - folder rename can take place, same as current Rename Folders.
This way, maybe the 2nd tab 'Rename Folders" may not be necessary anymore (favourable from a maintenance point of view, I guess)

d) Plus .. whilst being able to drag and drop couple of folders in one go into Advanced Renamer, it will reduce a lot of file handlings (Explorer): opening folders, drag drop files etc.

e) Plus of course max flexibility on what to rename in just one window-panel.


27/01-11 18:17