After renaming Date Taken of image is lost

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#1 : 19/05-15 11:18
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I have several JPG files renamed using the Date Taken tag.

<Img Year>-<Img Month>-<Img Day>_<Img Hour>.<Img Min>.<Img Sec>.<Img Subsec>

But if I retry to rename them in AdvancedRenamer they don't have the DateTaken attribute anymore. Somehow it's lost, and only for some of them.

If I look in Windows, the Date Taken is there. Could you provide feedback how to solve? er_Date_Taken_lost_1.png er_Date_Taken_lost_2.png er_Date_Taken_lost_3.png

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#2 : 19/05-15 19:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The DateTaken value is embedded in the file in the Exif metadata. Advanced Renamer will never write to or otherwise change the file. The file cannot be altered by the program. If your file has changed, it must have beenchanged by some other program.

19/05-15 19:41