Moving string parts of file name

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#1 : 22/06-15 00:25
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Hello Kim,

I would be very grateful if you help me to sort out my file library. I tried some patterns but all attempts ended in unsatisfactory results for me.

The examples of the files are:

01. Terry Pratchett Home of Discworld.ext
2. The Colour Of Magic: (Discworld) - Terry Pratchett .ext
03 - Terry Pratchett.The Discworld Series.ext

Or with the number sequention in the middle of the file name:

Terry Pratchett 1 Home of Discworld.ext
The Colour Of Magic: (Discworld) 2- Terry Pratchett .ext
Terry Pratchett - 3.The Discworld Series.ext


I want to get the same structure on all files. So that the file name ends with the number of the book.

Terry Pratchett - Home of Discworld. ISDN 01.ext
Pratchett - The Colour Of Magic: (Discworld).ISDN 02.ext
Pratchett - Home of Discworld. ISDN 03.ext


Thanks' in advance.

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