How to Fix files with invalid timestamps

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#1 : 04/01-09 06:07
Jack Honeycutt
Jack Honeycutt
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I have dozens of files with invalid timestamps showing the year 2032.

I want to fix these invalid timestamps using AR, but when I try the program generates an "Invalid Timestamp" ERROR.

Of course, fixing the Invalid TimeStamp on these dozens of files is exactly why I installed AR.

Can you suggest a way I can use AR to fix the Invalid TimeStamps on my files ??

Thank you


04/01-09 06:07
#2 : 11/01-09 15:14
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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When it says "Invalid Timestamp" it means that the new timestamp has an error. Can you tell me more about how you have set up Advanced Renamer to change timestamps?

Sorry for the late reply.

11/01-09 15:14
#3 : 06/11-10 01:53
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Try setting your computer's current date to 2032 while you're attempting to fix the time stamps

It may circumvent AdvancedRenamer's error condition that's stopping the process

06/11-10 01:53 - edited 06/11-10 03:16