Feature Request: Increase number of files

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#1 : 20/03-11 08:21
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Advanced Renamer has a 10.000 files limit right now.
I have some big folders, with many subfolders. Number of files
exceed this limit.

Cud the max.number of files not be increased?
(Yes, I know, it will take a while loading such big folders)

Or, alternatively, when AR hits this 10.000 limit, ask user
if they wish to proceed, warning for long load times.


20/03-11 08:21
#2 : 21/03-11 20:47
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Advanced Renamer cannot handle very large sets of files. The limit was introduced because Advanced Renamer would crash if too many files were added.

21/03-11 20:47