Set a filename using the date/time tags - but with an offset

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#1 : 21/09-15 01:14
Ivan Jensen
Ivan Jensen
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I am living in the CET timezone, but recently I was in the BST time zone.
(CET is BST plus 1 hour, so if the time is 14:00 CET, it is 13:00 BST).

I took a lot of photos with my mobile (which automatically adjusted to BST) and even more photos with a normal camera (which I forgot to adjust to BST!).

Now I have a lot of photos, which I want to sort in the correct order.
In order to do that I am using AdvancedRenamer to include the date/time in the file name.
<Img Year>-<Img Month>-<Img Day> <Img Hour>.<Img Min>.<Img Sec> (author-<rsubstr:1:4>) - Activity

BUT: Since I forgot to adjust the time on the camera, I would like to know, how to create a script that subtracts 1 hour from the date/time tag and uses that info in the new file name.

E.g. a photo taken at 14:00 (CET) should have a file name that reflects 13:00 (BST).
(It's not necessary that the script can handle that picures taken at 00:30 (CET) should have a file name of 23:30 and also a different date).

If possible it would also be great to be able to use an offset on the minutes and seconds, since it's often that two or more cameras taking pictures of the same thing are not fully syncronized (not just the time zone offset).

I sure hope someone has a great solution.

Best regards,

21/09-15 01:14
#2 : 21/09-15 12:32
Ivan Jensen
Ivan Jensen
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Reply to #1:

Alternatively it could be some script that does some "trick" with the filename (that currently holds the date/time information from the date/time tags), e.g. subtracts x hours, minutes and seconds from the values found in the filename and thereby changes the filename. In that case it would not be neccesary to change the actual date/time tags (but only the filename string).

21/09-15 12:32