Import titles from list!?

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#1 : 01/04-11 12:02
Andre Linoge
Andre Linoge
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I wander if its possible to import an list with different names and add these names to different files.

For example:

A list with titles like:

and place them into empty files like

file 01 with title A
file 02 with title B
file 03 with title C

In other words, after importing the list, the files should have an title.

Is there an option to accomplist this action, and if so can somone, please explane how to??

If not, i like to make it an feature request.


Andre Linoge

01/04-11 12:02
#2 : 02/04-11 11:39
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Do you want to change the names of a bunch of files to the content of a file? That is a file where each line will be used for the new names of a list of files.

If you want to do this you can use the List method. Add the list method to the method bar and click the Load List button to select a file containing the new names. Add the files you want to rename. Verify the new names and click start batch.

Read more about the list method here: hp?ident=method_list

02/04-11 11:39