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#1 : 01/10-15 02:12
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I'm using the "File Line" tag and it's more or less working (the Error column says everything's OK once I have everything set up). BUT, whenever I start the batch I get Error 101 once it actually comes to trying to rename the file.

After some trial and error, I think I've figured out the problem but now I don't know how to fix it. Help.

Here's what I'm pretty sure the problem is:

My files are exported from another program and have tabs on the lines that I want to use in the file name.

When I use the <File Line:> tag on a line without tabs, it renames the file with no problems.

When I use the <File Line:> tag on a line with tabs, the "New Filename" column in the program shows it exactly how I want (no tabs) but then I get an error when I try to actually rename them.

I think the tabs are somehow still there when the program is putting together the new file name and it's erroring out because a tab is an invalid filename character.

Short of going through every single file and removing the tabs manually. Is there any way to remove the tabs from the new file name so that it will save? Like using "regular expressions" or something? I've tried a few things but nothing's worked so far.


01/10-15 02:12
#2 : 01/10-15 18:01
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Never mind. I figured it out.

For anyone else who's not a programmer and is having the same problem:

Remove pattern

with use "Use Regular Expressions" works.

01/10-15 18:01