Substring operations on ExifTool Tags

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#1 : 08/12-15 21:50
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Is there any way of performing substring operations on the tags returned by <ExifTool:VALUE>?

In particular I'd like to separate the date from the time in "DateTimeOriginal".

I am aware of "substr" as a means of accessing parts of existing filenames, after the fact, but I can't see any way of chopping up a tag BEFORE I use it.

I could insert the whole DateTimeOriginal, delete most of it, then insert the tag again, and delete another part of it..... but it would be much easier to chop it up beforehand.

Thanks in advance.

08/12-15 21:50
#2 : 29/04-17 23:50
Ben Marsh
Ben Marsh
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I really want to know how to do this as well. I'm using <ExifTool:CreateDate> on MOV files to rename to the date the movie was shot but this Exif value has the date AND the time, and I only want the date.

Does anyone know how you can chop up the return value of <ExifTool:CreateDate> (or any other piece of Exif data) and only use part of it?


29/04-17 23:50