Add / Substract number in folder name when moving file?

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#1 : 29/03-16 11:42
Pierre M.
Pierre M.
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Hi !

First, thanks a lot for this software. Helps me a lot, and I'm amazed everyday when I found out a new way to do things :)

I have 2 files related to each other.


I use the batch "move" method to move the files to a folder called "A_A_A_02.0".

I have to do it once for the A_A_A_02.0 file:
- C:\path\to\mynewfolder\<Name>

And then for the CRS file:
- C:\path\to\mynewfolder\<Substr:8:6>02.0

Is it possible to do maths in the Pattern field? Something like:

C:\path\to\mynewfolder\<Substr:8:6>+Replace character 15 by character 15 minus 1.

This way, I won't have to type the version of my file (02.0 in my example) in the pattern field every time to adapt my rule to every case.

I don't know if I'm really clear.

29/03-16 11:42
#2 : 30/03-16 19:25
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Hi Friend,

I am new here, but strongly believe I can help you :) I was not too sure what your exact requirements are, but I believe you wanted something that simulated the same effect. I decided to use the "Renumber" method and the "New Name" method. You can import a method list.

Download this pastebin file and save it as "import.aren":

Using Advanced Renamer, on the left where there is the Method List, you should see an "Open" icon, load in the import. Let me know if that import generates the file you want.


30/03-16 19:25