Features request-select/deselect all+clear preset list

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#1 : 07/05-16 09:22
Nadav Bonder
Nadav Bonder
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Hi there

I was wondering, could you add a select all/deselect all feature to the import screen? after you've selected the tv show - so you could choose all seasons and all episodes or deselect all episodes if you'd like only one or two?

2nd feature is to clear the naming preset list - i've created a preset and than moved the aren file to a different location and now i have a blank preset on the list.

thank you very much

Nadav Bonder

BTW you have a great software! thank you for creating it !!!!

07/05-16 09:22
#2 : 15/05-16 12:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You are right. Select all/none feature is missing. It will be added at some point.

15/05-16 12:16