MARK if filename has more than 2 hyphens throughout name?

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#1 : 21/05-16 09:31
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I've been trying to figure this out all day, and I hope that it's something simple.

I'm trying Mark file names if their name has a hyphen surrounded in spaces more than once.

For example:

File 1. Title - Author.ext
File 2. Title - Subtitle - Author.ext
File 3. Title - Subtitle - Subtitle - Author.ext
File 4. T-i-t-l-e - Author.ext

In the above examples, I'd want File 2 & 3 to be selected only.

I've tried all kinds of combos and just can't' seem to figure it out.

It does look like (\s-\s) identifies the sequence, but {2,} only seems to apply if the sequence occurs side by side: ( - - ), but NOT if there are words in between.

Is this action even attainable?

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#2 : 21/05-16 10:58
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Try marking with this regular expression: \s-\s.+\s-\s
That looks for one set of 'space dash space' followed by any character at least once, and finally another set of 'space dash space' characters.

Note that this marks files with more than one combination (like your examples), and not more than two as suggested by the title.

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#3 : 21/05-16 13:36
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Thank you! Yes, I think my title wordage was a bit wonky (It was about 3ish am when I wrote it), but your expression did the trick.

I was SO close!

Thank you so much!

21/05-16 13:36