Re-installing on new computer - Saving Methods

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#1 : 05/06-16 01:12
Eileen Manning
Eileen Manning
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My laptop is dead. While I await a replacement, I am prepping to do a new install of all my software. I was wondering if the methods I previously set up on the old computer are saved in somewhere so I can pull them off the old hard drive.

I would hate to have to re-do all of them.

Thanks for any help

05/06-16 01:12
#2 : 05/06-16 14:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It is pretty easy to backup all settings data. To locate your data click Program -> Settings. On the Environment tab you click the Open Folder button to open the folder containing your personal settings.

05/06-16 14:34
#3 : 05/06-16 20:46
Eileen Manning
Eileen Manning
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My problem is that I am not booting from that hard drive, so the program is not installed on the computer I am using. I have the hard drive from my old laptop in an external enclosure.

I see a methods.ini file in the User data folder
(\AppData\Roaming\Hulubulu\Advanced Renamer 3\Data). When I receive my new laptop can I copy this file to the equivalent folder after I install the program?

05/06-16 20:46