Serialised filenames

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#1 : 24/06-16 00:02
Owen Duffy
Owen Duffy
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I am new to AdvancedRenamer... and implementing some renames that I have previously written in PERL.

So far, so good (great tool)... but for one.

I want to rename files, and the new name is to include a serial number tag as a component of the name, and that serial number shall be one higher than the highest value existing given the rest of the name, and of course serial zeo if none existing.

This would make the name unique, and serialise the names. If a file in the sequency was deleted, a rename of new files would not fill the gap, but use a serial one higher than the latest. (I realises that under that simple rule, if the last file serial was deleted, it would be reused.)

It would be nice to be able to specify the length of the serial tag, and to use leading zeros.

If the serial number overflows, it would cause a rename failure and the usual actions occur (fail or append).

So, a result of a set of files:

01/01/00 01:00 4,060,394 Q21-20160622-000.TXT
01/01/00 01:00 4,060,394 Q21-20160624-000.TXT
01/01/00 01:00 4,060,394 Q21-20160624-001.TXT

Can this be done simply with existing tags (ie without a complicated set of rename invocations)?


24/06-16 00:02